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“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread’’ - desert solitaire

1. Sirukundra Bungalow
Swimming Pool | Wooden Chalets | Trekking | Tents | Bicycle | Shola Views


Sirukundra means the formation of a cluster of small hills. These hills have an alluring presence, aesthetically placed by Mother Nature. Sirukundra Bungalow and its vicinity feature a botanical theme. There are plenty of rare flowers, luxurious greenery, butterflies and a large number of birds. The Bungalow was built in 1917. It has 3 large bedrooms and spacious attached bathrooms. It is elegantly furnished with antique furniture. It has a plunge pool, a large lawn and plenty of tall trees. The Bungalow has functional fireplaces in all bedrooms, living room and dining room. The compound also houses 4 fantastic wooden chalets overlooking a scenic wooded area. The balconies of these chalets provide excellent possibilities for bird watching. It also has 2 cozy tents under the canopy of tall majestic trees and also a croquet patch.

Wooden Chalets

The wooden chalets are placed unobtrusively within the Sirukundra Bungalow compound. There are 4 Wooden Chalets spread apart comfortably from each other to assure proper privacy. Each Wooden Chalet has 430 square feet of fantastically designed and constructed space. One of the best features is its balcony overlooking a wooded ravine full of fruit bearing trees. This attracts a variety of birds and the wooden balcony can be a fascinating high perch for photographers. The entire place resonates with bird songs, especially at dawn. You will cherish sipping your morning coffee or tea sitting on the deck of your balcony. The feeling that you get while staying at a Wooden Chalet is quite different from anything that you could experience in a mountain resort. It raises high above the ground and you get the experience of merging with the wilderness with a canopy of trees all around you.

Sirukundra Tents

Tents are usually small and constraining. On the contrary, there are 2 tents here at Sirukundra which are tall and large. It gives you 220 sq.ft of space with a very cozy inside. You don’t need to crawl or bend to get in and out of these tents. Besides it has a small front porch with chairs and a bench where you can relax and enjoy the outside wilderness during the day or in the evenings. The best part of these tents is the large and attached well appointed bathrooms with all facilities. For all practical purposes these tents offer the entire rustic experience that you would expect from an outdoor camping tent, while it also provides a large comfortable interior and bathroom rarely furnished inside the usual tents.

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2. Monica Garden Bungalow
Tent | Wildlife | Trekking | Bicycling | Photography | Tea Plantation Walk | Tea Factory


This Bungalow was built in 1925. The theme here is wildlife and camping. The Bungalow has 3 bedrooms with functional fireplaces, an elegantly furnished drawing room and dining room. Like all Briar Tea Bungalows, this Bungalow also has a well maintained flower garden in an attractive and spacious compound. There are a total of 4,500 sq.ft of living area, plus kitchen and a patio. Another welcome feature here is the presence of 4 well-equipped tents. The tents are fairly large, with a tastefully furnished inside without diluting the ruggedness one would expect from camping outdoors. The area surrounding the Bungalow offers excellent opportunities for long walks and wildlife photography.

Tents at Monica Garden Bungalow, Valparai

Monica Garden Bungalow at Valparai is easily accessible and has a very large compound. Due to the expanse of space, the 4 tents placed here enjoy privacy. The tents come with 220 sq.ft of space and an exceptionally large room with a well appointed bathroom. The areas surrounding the tents offer excellent possibilities for long walks, bicycling and wildlife photography. The tents have access to a large Bar-B-Q pit for sundown activities; especially for campfires. Another unique feature of this tent site is the huge trees that surround them forming a lush canopy of greenery.

Guest Capacity

Three guests can be accommodated in the single Wooden Chalets while five can be accommodated in the double. Tents are perfect for two guests, but they are large enough to accommodate additional bed.

Dining Room

In properties where tents and wooden chalets are present, there is a detached designated dining room exclusively for the guests occupying such facilities.

Guest Safety

All Briar Tea Bungalow compounds are safely and thoroughly secured with electric fence and automated early warning systems to guard guests from wild animals. Fire fighting equipments and lightning arresters are provided for each unit; especially at wooden chalets and tents. Besides, there are alert security forces guarding the properties 24x7. Your peace of mind and security are of utmost priority for us.

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3. Stanmore Garden Bungalow
Swimming Pool | Wooden Chalets | 3600 Estate View | Tea Factory | Bicycling | Trekking | Photography


The theme for Stanmore Garden Bungalow is the Plantation Evolution and the nostalgia that surrounds it. It has a very spacious compound. The Bungalow has 6000 sq.ft of living area plus the kitchen and other service areas. From the Stanmore compound you can have a spectacular 360 degree view of the tea plantation and the surrounding hills. Yet another fantastic view is that of the amazing Grass Hills. The unending green hued tea garden becomes an eye soothing experience. Due to its long stretch, the tea greenery vanishes to infinity. Stanmore has 4 spacious bedrooms with elegantly designed decors and functional fireplaces. It also has a superbly furnished living room, dining room and a fully fledged kitchen. In addition it has 5 single bedroom wooden chalets overlooking the magnificent grass hills and 2 double bedded wooden chalet suites overlooking the Injipara River. Another added attraction here is the plunge pool.

Wooden Chalets at Stanmore, Valparai

Each Briar Tea Bungalow, Wooden Chalet or Tent has a distinct personality of its own. The compelling reason is the way they are placed in relationship to the topography of the land that surrounds them. For example, Stanmore Garden Bungalow compound is strategically tucked on top of a hillock with a 360 degree view of some magnificent scenery near and far. There is a winding river afar, a Shola which appear in deep forest green, tea gardens on slopes of hills in soul quenching shades of green and still more grass hills and mountains all around in hues of grey and blue. The wind propelled white clouds, sunlight and fog play tricks on the landscape by making far away mountains appear and vanish as you watch. There never is a dull moment. Every sunrise is different and so is each sunset. Here at Stanmore there are 5 single bedroom wooden chalets built precisely like the wooden chalets at Sirukundra and 2 wooden suites with an additional upper floor and balconies. The lower portion of the double-decker has a living room which can be converted into a bedroom at night, a powder room and a WC. The upper deck has a bedroom, a well appointed bathroom and a large deck with chairs to relax. The view of the river and the hills from the upper deck balcony is simply magnificent. Single wooden chalets have a total area of 430 square feet and an additional front porch. Double-decker chalets have 800 square feet, plus the front porch.

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4. Puthuthottam Annexe


The immediate vicinity of this annexe is surrounded by reserve forest with a thick growth of tall trees. Due to this, the theme here is wildlife. This is a haven for bird watchers and also for seeing a variety of animals. It has 2 bedrooms, dining room, sitting room and a small kitchenette. The entire area surrounding the Annexe offers excellent terrain for challenging long walks and serious wildlife photography. This is home to the Lion-tailed macaque and the Great Indian hornbill; both critically endangered. There is a pristine remoteness as well as an exciting ruggedness about this wilderness. Even if you are an amateur photographer, make sure to keep your batteries charged. Freezing a great image here is always a distinct possibility!

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  • Trekking
  • Bird watching/photography
  • Tea factory visit
  • Tea tasting
  • Wildlife photography
  • Picnic luncheon
  • River bathing/riverside walk
  • Sunset tea at exquisite sites
  • Plantation walks.--Our prescribed plantation walk is rather long. Just be mentally prepared for a long but exciting walk
  • Trek along the peripheries of the reserve forest
  • Bonfire
  • Cycling
  • Mini Am-phi Theatre with fire pit for bonfire.


Valparai is a hill station close to Pollachi with vast areas of tea and coffee plantations amidst thick reserve forest nurturing a unique flora and fauna. Valparai is devoid of man-made tourist attractions. It has many deep forests and wildlife sanctuaries. Traveling towards Valparai through the spectacular winding forest road in-between the rich green tea gardens of Valparai, you will have a soul quenching experience from the magnificent presence of streams, dams, valleys, waterfalls, tall mountains and the mesmerizing grass lands. As you near Valparai you will be awe-inspired by the most secluded, most enchanting and the indescribable Valparai Grass Hills which adorn the crown of Valparai. This area is quite different from other tourist spots. Eco-tourism is given utmost precedence here. The picturesque grass hills are part of the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary. Wildlife and natural beauty makes Valparai popular among serious photographers. The climate here is consistent with the cool comforts associated with hill stations. The close-by Sholayar dam is one of the largest reservoirs in South India. Woodbriar Valparai tea estate is close to Parambikulam National Park.

Tea Plantation

Woodbriar has 2000 hectares of tea plantation and 4 factories at Valparai. The oldest portion of the plantation is over 125 years. The factories adopt CTC process. (cutting, tearing and curling). Injipara estate manufactures premium tea. The close-by Sholayar dam is one of the largest reservoirs in South India. Woodbriar tea estate is close to Parambikulam National Park.